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Flourish HR Team

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Diane Cowlin

Founder and HR Consultant

As the Founder of Flourish HR, Diane works exclusively with small to mid-sized mission-based companies to deliver HR and and Organizational Development.

Beginning within the maze of Fortune 500 company Human Resources, she quickly found a disconnect between her eco-conscious nature and big company ethos.

In 2001 Diane committed to working with companies that align with her values and has worked in-house leading HR for Birkenstock USA, Avalon Organics and Numi Tea. As a consultant, she has partnered with many companies and nonprofits doing their best to change the world.

When she isn’t working, you’ll probably find Diane in her vegetable garden, doing yoga or walking/ hiking the Bay Area with her husband and two dogs.

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Prapti Rana

Sr. HR Consultant

Prapti is a highly motivated human resource professional with a background in public accounting and payroll. Her mission is to support her clients using inclusive practices to help companies create and sustain a workplace that is equitable, diverse and represents their core values.

Prapti believes that high-performance teams lead to high-performance organizations and loves working with Flourish HR as it allows her to continue to work with like-minded, mission driven companies that strive to make the world a better place.


Prapti enjoys spending time raising her daughter and showing her that a mother/women can do it all!

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Lauren Storella Morse

HR Consultant

Lauren’s HR experience ranges from busy restaurants to start-up organic food brands. She loves helping small teams grow and watching talented individuals blossom into high performers when they have the right combination of resources and organizational support. Lauren believes a solid, transparent HR foundation is essential for any organization to fully thrive, so people are able to focus on their personal performance, goals and the organization’s success.

Lauren joined Flourish HR in 2021 and loves partnering with small organizations that are mission-based and/or aligned with her personal values, especially involving sustainability and environmental justice.

Lauren’s non-working hours revolve around her two little kids and she loves exploring the outdoors, traveling, yoga, vegetarian cooking and chocolate tasting.

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Bridget O'Malley-Baldwin

HR Consultant

Bridget has spent her career building a toolkit of strategic HR solutions and has experience providing solutions to organizational challenges. She loves helping leaders and employees solve organizational problems, be effective and productive in their roles, and grow and develop to their fullest professional potential. Some areas in which Bridget loves helping business leaders and employees feel successful are Employee and Leadership Development, Change Management, Mentoring, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Coaching, and Team Development.

​Bridget has worked in large, complex corporations for most of her career.  Over the last 9 years, she has enjoyed taking a detour into the role of COO of her family, raising her very powerful daughter, while also delving into HR consulting with small organizations who are focused on having a positive impact on the world.

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Brenda Agresti

HR Consultant

Brenda’s HR background includes experience in tech, retail, wine, and large CPG organizations. In recent years, she has worked with mission-driven and nonprofit clients as an HR consultant. She believes that fair, consistent and people-focused HR practices are an integral part of an organization’s success.

Brenda has passion for culture and engagement work as well as coaching and performance management. She is adept at listening to clients’ needs and tailoring unique solutions that meet their objectives. She also has a strong background in talent acquisition, policy writing, employee relations, training facilitation, and coaching leaders in support of a positive culture of engagement.

In her down time, Brenda enjoys hiking, yoga, traveling with her husband, painting, and spending time at her family’s ranch in the North Bay.  She is regularly entertained by her rambunctious rescue kitty who insists on making an occasional Zoom appearance.

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Margie Araquistain

HR Assistant

As Flourish HR’s Assistant, Margie Araquistain loves what she does! Helping others comes naturally, and Flourish HR’s clients are no exception. With many years of customer support under her belt, she takes immense pride in providing stellar support to clients, making sure that their needs are met quickly and efficiently.


Margie brings her can-do attitude and sunny personality to the Flourish HR Team, making sure that clients are well taken care of. In her free time, Margie enjoys gardening, Tai Chi, reading and baking. She is inspired by her husband and the silly antics of her beloved kitty, Miss Daphne.

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